Personalised Wedding Favours. Healthy, Free-From, Vegan

Wedding gifts with a difference – beyond the traditional Wedding Favours

From £2.50 per pack

When you choose your gifts from us, you are saying that:

  • You’re planing the day of your dreams; but you are also thinking of your guests;
  • You understand that pangs of hunger can strike before the reception;
  • You want everybody to enjoy the day – regardless of dietary preference or allergens;
  • You have principles and care what you give your guests.

What makes us unique?

Artisan – hand-made luxury truffles using the finest ingredients

Healthy – high in fibre; sugar-wise – no added sugars; non-alkalised cocoa

Taste – because we use grand-cru, single estate cocoa our truffles. You can taste the difference. The flavours are complex and satisfying!

Sustainable – both with the ingredients and the packaging. The bags are compostable and the boxes made from recycled and recyclable card.

Ethical – the cocoa and cocoa butter are sourced from Madagascar where all the production happens on the island – going beyond Fair Trade to Raise Trade makes this the most ethically sourced cocoa in the world.

Free-From – No need to worry about who can or can’t eat them. Our truffles are free from the Top 14 Allergens (including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soya-free)

Vegan friendly – because of the quality of our cocoa butter, there is no dairy, so they are naturally vegan friendly!

Show your guests that you care – that you are thinking about them on your most important day.

Ideas – How these gifts for your guests can fit into your day:

Welcome – As your guests arrive, give them a special treat to keep them going during the ceremony. What a great first impression!

Sustain – As they leave the ceremony, give your guests something to snack on whilst you’re having the photos taken!

After-Dinner – A great alternative to chocolates to serve with tea or coffee – something for everyone!

Keep Going – During the evening, stop your guests from running out of energy on the dance floor!

Choose your flavours and personalise your favours:

Flexibility: to select which flavours you want and how many of each you would like

Customised: Have your names and the date of your wedding added to the label.

Unique: Add a special quote or message from you – see the images for examples.

As an ex-Head of English, Stephen is happy to suggest a quotation that suits your mood or style!

Preview: If you haven’t been lucky enough to try all of our flavours, order a gift box here and taste the difference for yourself!

Get in touch and find out how we can give you something truly unique for your Wedding Favours!

frocolate truffles personalised wedding favours tolstoy quote frocolate truffles personalised wedding favours aa milne pooh quote
Trying to find suitable wedding favours is incredibly difficult with various food allergies and intolerances. The Frocolate Truffles are perfect as one product can cater for everyone despite their allergies and intolerances, allowing everyone to enjoy the delicious Frocolate Truffles!
Stephen is lovely to work with. He will work closely with you to help design your personal packaging, as well as decide which flavours would complement each other and your special day the best.
Frocolate truffles are beautifully flavoured and perfectly balance richness and sweetness due to the perfect combination of ingredients. Unlike an ordinary truffle the flavour really develops which means you can enjoy the taste for longer. Best of all, Frocolate truffles are high in fibre and have no added sugar.
We would highly recommend Bakes and Balls and the Frocolate Truffles as wedding favours, they are delicious and perfect for everyone!
Abigail Shaw, Manchester.
We weren’t going to do wedding favours, but we thought these would be perfect… We put them by the dance floor for an extra energy boost for the dancing!
Natasha Beeby, Hampshire