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    figgy pudding frocolate truffles pack of 2

    Figgy Pudding Frocolate Truffles

    A traditional Figgy Pudding contains 13 ingredients - representing Christ and the 12 Apostles - with the holly on the top representing the crown of thorns. Therefore when I came up with the recipe for our Figgy Pudding Frocolate Truffles, it was important to keep with the tradition. Don't worry, though, we decided against adding the holly to the truffles! With figs and speculaas spice; these truffles have the classic flavours of Christmas in a free-from vegan truffle.  
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    Select your choice of 6 packs to make up your gift-box.

    Includes free postage.

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that ‘difficult’ person – you’ve found it here!

    • Gluten-free? Yes
    • Dairy-free? Yes
    • Nut-free? Yes. In fact they’re free from the Top 14 Allergens
    • Low-sugar? Yes – so suitable for diabetics or over-excitable children
    • High Fibre? Yes
    • Natural Ingredients? Yes
    • Ethically sourced? Yes
    • Recyclable & Compostable packaging? Yes
    Hopefully, you’ve found the answer to all your most challenging gift-problems, without compromising on the most important things – quality and taste! A gift box will contain six pillow boxes, with two truffles in each (Please Choose your 6 packs)
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    festive tipple gingerbread frocolate truffles

    Festive Tipple Gin-gerbread Frocolate Truffles

    We have worked with Shed 1 Gin of Ulverston again for this Christmas Gin-Truffle. Their Festive Tipple gin has all the classic flavours of Christmas, is it forms the perfect base for our flavours. We have increased the figs and added speculaas spice and root ginger to depth a length of flavour you will struggle to find in a truffle anywhere else. Our Festive Tipple Gingerbread truffles make a fantastic gift - free-from and vegan.  
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    Award winning Fancy Frolic Gin and Lime Frocolate Truffles

    Shed 1 Fancy Frolic Gin & Lime Frocolate Truffles

    Announcement: Nourish Awards Winner 2019 - Chocolate category!

    Chocolate Limes were always one of my favourite childhood sweets. I have rekindled the memory with these fabtastic alcoholic truffles. Using Shed 1’s Fancy Frolic Gin (which combines lime petals and leaf as well as zest alongside ginger and strawberries) is what gives these truffles a fantastic depth of flavour.  We add Holy Lama Lime Zest Spice Drops for an extra zing! Available in a small pillow-box with 2 truffles  
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    Raspberry Frocolate Truffles

    When we decided to launch a fruity chocolate truffle, rather than keep it plain, we decided to give it an extra ‘zinginess’ by blending in freeze-dried raspberry pieces. It works! It’s delicious! Available in a small pillow-box with 2 truffles  
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    Orange Frocolate Truffles

    A clear favourite in our poll - chosen over Chocolate Ginger as our new flavour by a margin of 3 to 1. A classic - and a great combination. Available in a small pillow-box with 2 truffles  
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    Chilli Fest Gin Frocolate Truffles

    Chilli and Chocolate are a flavour combination recognised by the Incas almost 500 years ago. We use Shed 1’s luxury Chilli-Fest Gin, developed for Cumbria’s Chilli Festival at Holker Hall and infused with Cumbrian-grown Chillis. These Frocolate Truffles have a warmth rather than a ‘knock-your-socks-off’ kick. We have added Holy Lama Spice Drops’ Chilli Oil which gives a length of flavour that remains in the mouth long after you’ve finished your truffle(s). Available in a small pillow-box with 2 truffles