Chilli Fest Gin Frocolate Truffles


Chilli Fest Gin Frocolate Truffles

Chilli and Chocolate are a flavour combination recognised by the Incas almost 500 years ago. We use Shed 1’s luxury Chilli-Fest Gin, developed for Cumbria’s Chilli Festival at Holker Hall and infused with Cumbrian-grown Chillis. These Frocolate Truffles have a warmth rather than a ‘knock-your-socks-off’ kick. We have added Holy Lama Spice Drops’ Chilli Oil which gives a length of flavour that remains in the mouth long after you’ve finished your truffle(s).

Available in a small pillow-box with 2 truffles


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Product Description

Frocolate? What is it?

A fruity-chocolate combination of tasty and healthy dried fruit with Raise Trade Madagascan Single-Estate Grand Cru Cocoa Powder; Cocoa Butter;  ethically sourced Baobab powder from Ghana and Goji Berries. Together they form a delicious chocolate truffle with a difference.

This is not your traditional chocolate truffle – for a start there are no nuts, no gluten and no dairy. In fact, all our products are free from the Top 14 Allergens; and are Vegan.

This is ‘Feel Good Food’ so no added sugars (as certified by Sugarwise); only the best natural ingredients. The naturally occurring sugars come from the fruit, which means they are high in fibre. This is great news when research shows the lack of dietary fibre in most diets and its importance in maintaining gut-health.

What is more – they taste fantastic!

To find out more about why our products are Feel Good Food for a reason’, read our blog here!

Ingredients and Nutritional Information:


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