All about Baobab – our most asked-about ingredient!

Baobab is not the most natural choice of ingredient to go into a chocolate truffle, but there are lots of reasons why we include it, both from a health and a social responsibility perspective. Read on to find out more.

Last year, at a food-founders event called ‘Bread and Jam’, held at the Institute of Directors on London’s Pall Mall, I got the chance to speak to Andrew Hunt, one of the Founders of Aduna. Andrew sees business as a powerful force for making a positive impact on the world.

We source out Baobab Powder from Aduna because of their ethical and sustainable business model. Aduna source their Baobab Powder from over 650 women producers in a remote area of Ghana. Another 250 are involved in the processing plant. You can find out more about the social impact of the Baobab supply chain by clicking here.

The Baobab is a tree that grows in Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. In Africa, it is referred to as ‘The Tree of Life’. Traditionally, each and every part of the tree has a part to play – used in food and medicine and to make clothing.

The baobab fruit dry naturally on the tree and the powder is rich in antioxidants – in fact it contains more than any other fruit, including blueberries! It is especially rich in Vitamin C which helps to strengthen our immune system and fight off diseases and infections. It also helps to release energy at a steady pace, therefore reducing fatigue.

It is high in potassium; and is a good source of calcium, magnesium, and protein.

Baobab is approximately 50% fibre, which acts as a prebiotic, helping to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut. Fibre also helps to slow down the release of sugars into the blood stream, which reduces energy spikes and helps to control blood glucose levels.

A 2013 study reported on the high nutrient and polyphenol content of Baobab fruit and their benefit in reducing the glycemic response.

Of course, as with all of our Frocolate Truffle ingredients, it is a totally natural product, without preservatives. as a result, the body is able to absorb the nutrients from the fruit much more readily than supplements.

In addition to all of this, it is a really great tasting product – think sherbet dips taken to the max, but without the sugar!

Excerpt From: Stephen E Hall. “Bakes and Balls – Our Ingredients and Nutrition.” iBooks.