Frocolate Truffles – The Perfect Corporate Gifts – Customised just for you

From £2.50 a pack.

Make a statement!
When you choose Frocolate Truffles to say thank you; you are also saying that

  • You care about the wellbeing of your staff; your customers; your clients
  • You are aware of the importance of allergies;
  • You understand that people have different dietary preferences or needs;
  • You care about the environment;
  • Sustainability and ethical sourcing are important!

Frocolate Truffles make great personalised corporate gifts:

  • Finest quality, ethically sourced ingredients – including Single Estate Grand Cru Cocoa from Madagascar.
  • Fantastic rich flavours – indulgence without the guilt.
  • High Fibre; Sugar-wise; gluten free; dairy free nut free and vegan!
  • Suitable for practically everyone – regardless of dietary preference or allergens.
  • Customised treats with a difference

Get in touch and find out how we can help:

Choose your flavours and personalise with your company logo

  • You decide how many of each flavour you would like.
    • If you haven’t been lucky enough to try all of our flavours, order a gift box here to help you decide
  • Customised wording: Have your company name and/or event on the front label and use your company colours!
  • You can even add a quote or message on the back of the packet – up to 190 characters.
    • As an ex-Head of English, Stephen is happy to suggest a quotation that suits your mood or style

Get in touch and find out how our decadent truffles can help you make a impact with your corporate gifts.