The Bakes and Balls Journey

Bakes and Balls is all about Feel Good Food.

Packed full of natural ingredients but low in sugar, the products may be a healthy alternative but they need to pass these key tests: taste – fantastic; look – great and  texture – just right for the recipe.

Bakes and Balls is a family business.

The idea came from producing low-sugar baking for our children’s lunch-boxes. I love spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with flavours so the opportunity to combine baking with producing energy balls was a natural one. Christmas 2016 I decided to take the leap of faith and set up a new company.

The family are actively involved in all aspects of the business – from product development and testing (if it fails the test; it goes in the bin!) through production to packaging and sales. It is great to spend time cooking together, but equally there are invaluable lessons to be learnt on the journey from concept to sale.


Bakes and Balls – the Gluten-Free test

This started with the premise – Can I produce a gluten free bake that isn’t just for coeliacs? Why should coeliacs have to accept that gluten-free products are a compromise on taste and texture. It took me three months to develop a gluten-free flour blend that I was happy with for the original Chocolate and Bean Bake. It then had to pass the taste test with the children – were they as happy with this version as they were with the original?

The same applies to all diets – no compromise on taste. When adapting a recipe to make it work for somebody on a particular diet – whether they are vegan, dairy-free or have a nut allergy – there should be no compromise on taste and texture. I hope we have achieved this: We are proud that all our products are free from all 14 allergens as well as being Vegan and Paleo. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Stephen Hall, Founder-Baker