Get your hands on our NEW Frocolate* Truffles!  

*A delicious fruit-based alternative to chocolate

 A combination of ethically sourced, natural ingredients:

Dried fruit (dates, figs and prunes);

Grand Cru de Sambirano Cocoa Powder, and

Cocoa Butter from Madagascar;

Baobab Powder from Ghana;

Goji berries.

What makes our truffles different?

Naturally Vegan

Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Soya Free – In fact they are Free From the Top 14 Allergens

Natural unalcalised cocoa products

No added sugars or sweeteners

High in fibre – with added benefits of vitamins and minerals in the fruit and cocoa

personalised frocolate truffles corporate gift

The Perfect Customised Corporate Gifts

Make a statement!

When you choose Frocolate Truffles from us, you are saying that

You care about the health of your staff; your customers; your clients

You are aware of the importance of allergies;

You understand that people have different dietary preferences or needs;

You care about the environment;

Sustainability and ethical sourcing is important!

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Personalised Wedding Gifts

It’s time to update the traditional Wedding Favours!

Wedding favours with a difference

When you choose your gifts from us, you are saying that:

You’re planing the day of your dreams; but you are also thinking of your guests;

You understand that pangs of hunger can strike before the reception;

You want everybody to enjoy the day – regardless of dietary preference or allergens;

You have principles and care what you give your guests.

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